Pathfinder Solo Actual Play Session #0.1

The adventure I am going to run is Sly Flourish’s A Night Blade. Sly Flourish is a proponent of improvisational GMing, and that is always solo-friendly. The adventure is designed for a party of 2nd to 5th level 5e characters. This means that I need to reconstruct it for Pathfinder 2.

This may be unnecessary work, on the other hand, it is forcing me to dive into the system.

Using an existing monster as a template, I have created the basic foe for this adventure. Most of the guys I will be fighting are common bandits. I have constructed a basic Commoner and then tweaked them to fit what I had imagined.

I have found the D&D Stirge is now called a Bloodseeker and I have them.

I now need to build a couple of tougher bandits types, to play the role of the leaders.

When this is done, I can start to build the encounters in Fantasy Grounds.

The Combat Tracker for Pathfinder is slightly different than the Rolemaster combat tracker. The PF one is a bit more of a screen hog. The magic and spells are much better in PF than Rolemaster. So that is swings and roundabouts.

I have my two characters, Kallen and his dwarf sidekick, Simon.

It looks like things are getting closer!

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