Pathfinder Solo Actual Play Session 0.2 Fantasy Grounds Setup

Today, I think I have taken a significant step forward.

The adventure I am going to play is The Night Blade by Mike Shea [Sly Flourish]. This is a 5e adventure for a party of 2nd to 5th level characters. I have got 2 1st level characters, so it will require some scaling back.

My preparations so far mean:

  • I have created a low level bandit that I can use.
  • I have created two significant NPCs.
  • I have created a random table of the secrets and clues for the adventure.
  • I have copied the map of the Night Blades lair in Dungeondraft and then imported it into my campaign and added walls and lights.
  • I found the remaining creatures and added them to a group.
  • I have created my first encounter.

Things I want to check in the rules is experience. I think I have set it up correctly. I assessed the risk of the first encounter as moderate. There will be two first-level PCs vs four -1 threat NPCs. They are individually weaker but they have the numerical advantage. A moderate encounter gives 30 EXP plus possibly a Hero Point.

What I need to check is the four foes do they contribute 30EXP each or is it 30EXP for the entire encounter. I have it currently at 60EXP, 30 for moderate, and 30 for the foes being lower level than me. But it could be worth 150EXP, 30+(4×30). If I need to earn 1k EXP per character I am kind of hoping that it is the latter.

Here is my version of the adventure map.

The main underground part connects to the half-covered staircase in the middle of the tower floor. The wooden floor area is a second story to the tower. I have included eight beds for the bandits. I know that there will be one on the lookout in the tower, I will meet four on the road, and there is one leader. This leaves two unaccounted for.

I can now construct my encounters in Fantasy Grounds.

There is not much more I need to prep.

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