Pathfinder Solo Actual Play Session #0

I am firmly convinced that we need more solo actual plays on youtube. There are so many people who would try solo if they knew how to get going. There is a potential million people out there who know Pathfinder but don’t know how to play solo. I on the other hand have no idea what I am doing with Pathfinder!

I bought Pathfinder 2e in the humblebundle back in May. It has languished on my hard drive ever since. I cannot say I have enjoyed reading the rules so far, I think the character creation chapters need a rewrite, but that could just be me!

After spending a day being frustrated and confused I bought the Fantasy Grounds ruleset. It knows where everything is and all your options at each stage. Finally, I had forward motion!

When it comes to solo actual plays some are several hours long. I don’t have the time to devote three hours to watching a video. The Me, Myself & Die videos are extremely good, but I find them unobtainable in their expectations. In a real game, I don’t get to ‘cut’ and redo. Real games do not look as good as MMD.

As I thought about this I came up with what I thought of as a potential middle ground. I want to create a series of 3-5 minute videos of maybe a scene or maybe two in a solo game. If you have hours then you could watch many back-to-back. If you had just a few minutes you could watch a single episode. At the weekend I spent an hour on the phone to a utility company on hold and I could have watched a dozen in that time!

So I am offering bite-sized solo play videos. If I mess up a rule or I am doing something wrong, I hope people will correct me in the comments. This way I get to learn the system and tap into the wealth of knowledge out there.

Solo-wise, I am going to be developing my solo rules as I go. I have nothing for Pathfinder at the moment, but I am assuming my D&D 5e rules should give me a reasonable starting place.

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