Horror Tips & Advice #14 Not what’s on the floor.

People have a natural connection with other people that does not exist to the same extent with places or objects.

When it comes to describing the gorier aspects of horror, if you can describe the effects in terms of the victim, the wound on the body, rather than the effect on the environment, the blood on the wall, it will have a bigger impact on your players.

If there is no body, you can humanize a pool of dried blood by describing it with hair matted in it, or drag marks. It goes from being a static thing to an object of violence.

If there is a lot of blood, describe the wounds it came from.

You can even go into the expression on the dead body’s face. I am guessing they did not die peacefully!

Use anything you can come up with to make the connection between the body and the living breathing body that it once way.

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