Print on Demand GM Screens

I was trying to think what else could I add to this when I saw an email come in from DriveThruCards

Before I started making card decks there was rarely more than one DriveThruCard deal of the day each month. I have seen a few this month and when I checked the price, in PPP, it is up to 9PPP. That means that there is a Deal of the Day today and one in the queue for tomorrow.

I would not pay more than 1PPP for a DTCards, the returns are not really worth the expense, unless you are a dedicated cards publisher.

If the price is up to 9PPP, I would rather have homepage impressions instead. Your 5000 impressions cost (today) 10PPP but are likely to last a lot longer than a single day, and give you much more screen acreage for your investment.

If it is brand awareness you are after then banners may be worthwhile. 1PPP buys 20k impressions and are predicted to last for 4 days. Spending 9PPP would by 36 days worth of impressions. DriveThruCards pages are a lot shorter, there are less carousels of titles on the homepages and category pages than DTRPG. This makes banners more visible.

I would weigh up the options as DTCards is a very different beast to DTRPG.

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