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It was odd making this video, when I started the footers on the products I was looking at were definitely broken, and had been broken by DTRPG tech, they did the same thing to my footers a while ago. There used to be a snippet of tooltip code that would pop up your star ratings and publisher details. When they stripped this out, at a database level it left a space and semi-colon behind on the page. It looked like where a non-breaking space had been,   the space had been turned into a literal space and the semi-colon left over. If you had five products in your footer you would be left with ; ; ; ; ; in the middle of your footer.

That was what I was seeing on the Philip Reed Games footers. Half way through making the video they updated all their footers, fixing the problem.

The moral of the story is to check your footers, purchase notes and product pages on a regular basis as DTRPG tech are making regular changes to sites code. Recently we saw purchase notes and product codes disappear from community content products. Purchase notes returned after about a week, the product codes are still absent without leave.

Philip Reed has started to use what I call product mock-up thumbnails for their products. They have some very attractive trifold ‘brochure’ products and at least one gorgeous-looking bi-fold. I have product image envy!

The only thing I would change on the Philip Reed pages is that they offer no product previews and only a sentence of description. The skewing of the image makes most of the text illegible even on the larger product image. I always go out of my way to make sure customers have as much information as they need to make their buying decision.

One the DTRPG sales page there is a publisher that is using a nice big image to promote their sale, grabbing the eyes of scrollers looking down the sales list. Immediately below them are two other publishers that are using big coloured text to try and do the same thing, but it is striking how ineffective it looks. Being able to compare image vs text next to each other it is clear that images are much more striking.

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