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Today I released an adventure for Dungeon World. The adventure is set up to be both playable both as a solo adventure and as a GM lead group.

I have always wanted to write solo adventures, but I don’t like numbered paragraph adventures. That doesn’t tick my roleplaying boxes.

The Jason Cordova 7-3-1 method has such a healthy dose of improvisation built in that it sits very nicely with using oracles.

I think the magic ingredient is the Dungeon World adventure structure. The basic DW adventure has you set up a cool villain, with an evil plan, and letting that plan unfold, improvising as the player characters clash clash with your villain’s plans.

The DW set up is robust enough that it can withstand an oracle saying yay, when your first instinct says nay.

DW is also generic enough, not in a bad way, that you could swap out the rules and put in any fantasy rules you like and it will still work.

Something else that DW brings is Establishing Questions. These let you, or you and your group, to inject something of yourselves into the adventure. It turns an off the shelf adventure into something shaped to your group.

Finally, and this was new to me, is the Johnn Four idea of ‘because of that….’ you start with an original event, and then create an event that happened because of that. You can add further events all in a chain that leads from the start, up until the plot hook that engages to character(s).

What I liked about this is that it gave me an understanding of ‘why’ the NPCs behave as they do, and this also helps when I need to improvise them at the table.

All together I think this makes for a pretty robust solo adventure structure.

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