Making Best Use of the Things That We find

This is all about making best use of some of the areas that DriveThruRPG allow us to use and promote our products and ourselves.

That big Sale banner, and I feel bad calling an image that big a banner, is probably too big, but…

  1. When you set up a sale, the DTRPG preview of what you are going to get often bears not relation to what you actually get.
  2. I was trying to find out what the limits were.
  3. When you set up a sale, DTRPG gobbles it up and you cannot edit it again without involving your publisher rep.

That sale banner had but one job to do. Grab the eye of anyone doom scrolling through the lists of sales. If you look at the lackluster offerings of most publishers on the sales page it does its job.

I think my next sale I will take 50px off the height of the banner, same width, but increase the font size of the text beneath it and set it to the same colour as the text in the image. I want to get both parts working for me.

Thank You Notes

I think these are actually called Purchaser Notes.

I was looking at them, I have made in excess of 1000 purchases from DTRPG. I like to look at what the best of the best are doing and I was rather underwhelmed. The first thing that struck me was that this is the only place where we are allowed to link out to another site. Yet, very few people do that.

Strangely, in the Zweihander Grim & Perilous Library, they list links to their social media accounts, but do not code them up as links. They expect you to copy and paste the text yourself.

I also like colour. DriveThruRPG is kind of nicotine stained and archaic looking at best. So, taking the Zweihander idea of listing social media accounts, but using colourful icons as the links, I could get the best of both worlds.

Are they working?

I believe so. It is hard to say and very hard to pin down the referrals of where people joined up to a social media account. I feel like my twitter is has gained more followers, without me doing anything special to drive it.

My Instagram is also growing. I don’t have a big presence on there, but it took 3 months to get to 90 followers , and now I am over 100. In the first three months I shared at least one image a day, in the last week I only shared one image in total.

This is hardly conclusive proof.

But, I haven’t lost any follower, subscribers or likes.

As always, this is in constant revision and development. I am trying to find that extra 1% here, 1% there. If this helps you, then we all win.

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