Wicked One…to thirty-six!

I was talking about using d66 tables in a previous blog post [Dark Bargaining] and this week my main task is to build those d66 tables.

This is one of the tasks that sounds easy when you think of the idea, but it becomes hard work really quickly when you have to actually write them.

One list of 36 options wouldn’t be too bad, but I have four lists on the go at the same time at the moment. The point of doing them concurrently is that I may have an moment of inspiration in one area at one point and for something different later on. Having different aspects open at once lets me catch more ideas as they happen.

On the plus side, I had a bit of a slowdown around Christmas, everyone needs a break at some point. Then, immediately after Christmas I had the DotD, which lead to the after sale, and that lead to setting up the next DotD, and for that I needed the print layout completed… and so on.

When you are on your own, things tend to cascade, a bit like dominos. The end result is that today was the first decent day’s work I have put into Wicked One this year.

The best bit was as I read through the document so far, I thought, yes, this is right. I definitely think I am on the right track.

I am one of those writers that likes to reward myself for completing a hard task by allowing myself to do a fun task afterwards.

When I complete the current four lists, I have written 44 entries of the 144 I need, my reward will be to tackle Adventurers. That is a part I have been looking forward to.

So, all being well, I will crack these lists, and get on to those nasty adventurers in the next few days.

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