Dark Bargaining – Wicked Ones

I tried playing with the ideas I was suggesting yesterday, and to my taste, they were too slow. I like my solo games to skip along. One of the greatest things about the underlying system, blade/forged in the dark, is the idea of only playing the fun bits. That is contrary to the idea of having to work hard to get fun answers. Solo games should not feel like work.

Version 3, is using d66 tables. A d66 table gives you 36 possible results. 11-16, 21-26 and so on to 61-66. There is a d66 table of suggested Dark Bargains, but these are not suitable for solo play. In a solo game there is only going to be one monster player character. Throwing an allie under a bus to save yourself is not such a big deal in a solo game.

What I am going to need to create is 36 suggested outcomes for each of these game mechanics.

That seems easy enough to do. I just then need to bring everything else into line with this mechanical format.

The main oracle will still be based on the Fortune Roll. The more likely a question is like to be Yes, the more dice are rolled for the Fortune Roll.

The D66 rolls will be used for all the non-Yes/No situations.

I probably will not post an update on Wicked Ones tomorrow. These tables will take a while to build. I need to put them together and then run another playtest before nailing anything down.

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