Pastiche Solo RPG Tool

I was playing with Pastiche this morning and I tried feeding it a variety of texts. What struck me was how badly different texts from different authors meshed together, or didn’t.

This was a different text. I wanted a different feel for an adventure. I was hoping for something a bit more Dark Fantasy, but also a bit more contemporary. I often play Zweihander in a setting around the moment of the 1917 revolution, or in the oppressive years before it.

That is what I was looking for. If you can compare some of the snippets from the video to those in the image above, you would probably have to agree they are very different in nature.

Pastiche definitely works, no doubt about that. It does feel, for me at least, rather random. The snippets you can select from are more varied, but change so frequently that I struggled to get a feel for the scene.

If I saw two parts that seemed to fit together to create an idea, when I selected one, the other is lost.

There is a temptation to also keep refreshing until you find something really cool, add that to your story and then refresh again until you find a good bit and so on. That is extremely slow and feels like I know what I want to say, now find the snippets that say it.

As with all these tools, I think I need to play with them for longer to get a good feel for them and how they best fit into my gaming toolbox.

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