Into The Rad – Day 6

This is not the final cover, just a work in progress, or first idea.

You will notice that there was a name change. I fell out of love with Into The Gamma, and Into The Rad seemed a bit cooler.

Most of my books are US Trade format. These are smaller than the bulk of RPG books that are US Letter.

In 2021 I will be pushing as much as I can out to print. US Trades (6″ x 9″) feel really nice in the hand.

I mention this because smaller pages tend to mean more pages.

As of this evening Into The RAD [ITR] is standing at 51 pages including the cover page.

I expanded the setting material today, setting the game in Illinois, in a rectangle that goes from St. Louis to Chicago.

This setting is entirely optional, but I thought it would make a change from having everything set in Manhattan.

Also new today in ITR is a bestiary. It just gives half a dozen mutants that, according to Wikipedia, are native to Illinois, black bears, badgers and bats, for example.

Layout still needs doing, but I am still on track for a release tomorrow.

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