Into The Gamma – Day 5

I had a really good day today. Technically, I could save the PDF now and, baring some art, it would be ready to go. The problem is that the more I write, the more I want to include.

I have a few screenshots to share. The pink boxouts are the solo rules and advice interspersed with the mechanics.

I am taking a break from writing for tonight. I am going to do some art selection for the rest of the evening, this will free up some time tomorrow.

The Hex Crawl didn’t turn into a Hex Crawl at all. What you get instead is a set of d6 tables about that the next terrain will be. It picks out either wilderness or urban locations, different terrain landmarks, and weather. What it doesn’t do is break the world into 6-mile hexes or whatever the standard is.

Tomorrow will be a day of adding more cool stuff.

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