Into The Rad – Day 7… and Launched!

Seven days from playing a game during my lunch break to releasing an Into The Odd hack, Into The Rad.

I honestly believe that this was the fastest turn around I have ever had.

I don’t make any of the changes to the rules, or character creation, in this hack, which means that the years of playing and playtesting behind Into The Odd still holds true.

What I have added is setting, mutations and mutants. I then added on a setting in the form of random tables and a short chapter of setting ‘lore’.

I am really pleased with this game. In the screenshots above there are pink paragraphs. These are the solo rules sprinkled through the game. These solo rules are quite simple, but they are not specific to Into The Rad, meaning that you can use this as a solo set for any Into The Odd game.

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