Into The Gamma Day 4

I missed a day as we were a bit busy on the farm, but needless to say writing still got done.

Alien landscapes by Forge Studios

As of this evening character creation is complete, the solo rules are written, mutations for animals and plants are done, and starting tech is defined. I have a section on Referee advice and I am building the Gammapendium, formerly the Oddpendium.

I am trying to pile in as many random tables as I can to create a sprawling sandbox or even hex crawl in which to play.

I think I am a day behind schedule but that is no big deal. If all goes to plan, the manuscript will be complete tomorrow and I can get the layout and art selection done on Sunday.

Right now someone could pick it up and play the game.

Still to do, player progression, lists of tech to find out there in the wilds, hex crawl system, nice to have things like tables of contents, introduction and covers.

That sounds like a good days work.

I have been solo playing the game and my intrepid mutant explorer has been wading through a swamp full of really nasty lifeforms, we discovered a half submerged jumbo jet, and that has been out main adventuring site. There is something big and horrible in here with me but I have no idea what it is but it is not bothered by the near total darkness inside the body of the aircraft.

My character had a sidekick but he got killed by a big evil vine thing that lashed out at him tried to pull his head off. His was a very short career as an explorer.

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