Into The Gamma – Day 2

Work is progressing quite nicely today. We have three key ingredients going into this mix. The first is the Into The Odd/Mark of the Odd SRD.

The second ingredient is an integrated solo system. This uses three elements, leveraging the Luck roll for GMing decisions, bringing the this games Oddpendium into the oracle system to give answers content, and layering on a 5 room dungeon structure to give each adventure within a campaign a start, middle and end.

The final ingredient is Mutant Future. This game is an OGL clone of the original Gamma World, but it is showing its age. The text is solidly masculine only in all its examples, and it does things such as calling Dwarfism a mutation. I can use this to bring the much of the content up to more modern standards.

As of now I have character creation in progress. If you have no Ability Score over 15 and less than 4 hit points, you are good to go. If you are familiar with Into The Odd, that will make sense.

There is a massive table that cross references your best ability score and your hit points. The intersection gives you your starting loadout including possible special items, drawback and special abilities. It is this table what is going to assign mutations and old tech to the characters.

It is about a third of the way done. It is a big table and about half the entries require me to create a new ‘thing’ be it mutation, complete with game mechanic effects, or pieces of tech. Creating this table is the greatest part of character creation, and is possibly the second largest task in the entire project after only the Oddpendium, at the end.

I am hoping to have character creation finished by tonight.

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