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Stars Without Number Solo Session 0

I am about to start a solo campaign using Stars Without Number. I have some ideas that I wanted to include, such as having a very clear mental picture of the world. That is ‘world’ singular. I am not looking for a game of planet hopping. I have an idea of a dystopian urban world of decay and corruption.

So of the influences and ideas are:

  • RoboCop world style
  • Industrial/factory
  • Recently redundant security guard
  • Food Supplements/Bio Hazard

My character is was a security guard as a food supplement factory that was suddenly shut down, the workforce laid offer and the building cleared out by ‘men in black’ and guys in biohazard suits. This was all over the top for simple food supplements.

In the first session I am going to start digging into what was really going on at the factory.

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