Storing Up Trouble?

This video explains a bit more about where I am with the whole store building process. It also touches on the problems that we experienced last year when RPGnow and DriveThruRPG merged. That was a week where no one sold anything because all the sites were down.

The store on this site is going to be my insurance policy should that happen again!

Having said that, DriveThruRPG is about to get a whole new interface, so there is a possibility that things may well go wrong!

In the video I mention that I want to get about 50 products up and online in the first pass. These will be all the actual solo rules and game systems sold by Parts Per Million in their digital format, PDFs mainly.

I also say that I want to get 250 products up eventually. The other 200 are not going to be solo game books, or not mostly solo game books.

What I want to experiment with is creating DM/GM shields for solo play, putting all your oracle stuff, and other useful random tables all on a screen. This is a quality of life product, making solo play easier to do, taking away the page flipping between tables.

I also want to get all the books out in print. This will be done with Lulu.com as the printer of choice.

Then I am going to create oracle card decks. Dice rolls, oracle answers, and prompts in a pick up and go card deck.

So you can see 50 PDF books, 50 printed books, 50 GM screens 50 decks of cards, the numbers swell quite quickly.

Then there is the idea of the patreon and solo rules for minority games. I suggested this a few weeks ago and the idea is growing on me. The rules would be free for the patreons, but I also have a home for them here.

Finally, there is 3Deep, Navigator RPG, and the Bare Metal Edition games. I want to build these up and make them into popular game systems. Someone said last week that I should create the next Ironsworn. If I were to do that, it would be by integrating solo into Bare Metal Edition games.

If you follow me on twitter, or facebook for that matter, you will see a lot of new product tweets. These get sent out automatically by the site. They are not a call to action for you to rush out and buy my stuff. They are more like progress reports on how my store building is going!

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