Laid out flat

Today has been of doing layout for a fanzine I run for Zweihänder RPG, called Lowborn.

I laid out the first three submissions. The third one was a 5,000 word adventure with bespoke art and new monsters. This could and should be a standalone adventure rather than just earning a tiny royalty in a fanzine. The writer is a regular contributor, so I have included the adventure.

The next submission was a 23 page GM resource. There is no way I can put this in a fanzine.

I messaged the writer of this one. I have offered to help them publish their work in their own name. I am worried that this is a case of a talented writer undervaluing their work. This is a constant weakness in self publishers.

If I hear back from the writer I will let you know if we get to publish their supplement.

Fanzines seem to be a bit resurgent at the moment. My Rolemaster fanzine has been going for years, October will be issue#42. Every month I see more and more titles. Is this a result of the pandemic? People at home, not able to game, so they are writing about it instead?

It will be interesting to see how many of these new titles will still be going next year.

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