One Lore – Solo Role-playing d100 lite

One Lore d100 lite solo roleplaying

I am 90% storm forward and 10% thinking and planning. A couple of weeks ago I read Lore 100 and I thought the system looked really cool. I wrote about Lore Sheets, and I liked the system and the game mechanic.

So, as usual, I stormed ahead and wrote the solo rules for the game.

The game plays really well as a solo system and I am pleased with it.

Today, I uploaded it to DriveThruRPG, as normal and everything is good.


This evening, I was building the product page for my own store on this site. It has an option to list related products both on the site and on other sites. Great I thought, I can link to the core game. Lore 100 is not exactly a household name and this will signpost the game to people who don’t know it.

Off I went and added the base game as an add on to the solo rules, and that is when I noticed that Lore 100 is a free game. It comes in two flavors, Lore 100 and the Lore 100 SRDs. They even have their own take on an Open Game License, not the WotC OGL, that we normally see.

This leads to the realisation that I have a $4.95 rules supplement for a free game. Normally, it would be the other way around.

The funny thing is that the book is selling, and selling quite well. I am about to put up some more links to Sons of the Singularity, namely the Camlann Chronicles and Rational Magic. Both these books work perfectly with the Lore System, and it means that these can be played solo using One Lore.

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