FG 5e Solo

The video uploaded to Youtube today gives a demo of the solo rules being used, the two different approaches to outputting the oracle rolls.

During the video it suddenly occurred to me that I would be solo role playing in front of an audience and everything I had planned went straight out of my head! Sorry.

Below is a bit of a more coherent example of the solo tool being used. Look in the chat window, for a hint at Kellan’s adventure.

In this example I remembered to actually load the PC, Kellan is my go to example PC. He has been a New York Private Eye, a Miami Vice Cop, and numerous fantasy thieves and rogues over the years.

With the PC loaded I can use the two buttons in the bottom left marked GM and Kellan to swap voices. Then using the chat I can describe the scenes and interpret answers as the GM. The roleplay as Kellan.

Using the dual role of GM and Player makes for a Journal that reads much more like a regular game. I personally do not write everything into the chat. I can play that out in my head. Having the GM descriptions of scenes in the chat does help me stay focused on the last question and answer pairs were and the scene.

The chat log is saved to your Campaign Folder for you to examine or do whatever you want with at a later time.

By the end of today I hope to have the last game mechanics into the module and have all of that working.

What remains is to polish the text in the Story panels. Make sure they reflect the automated tools, in place of the PDF tables, and then playtest the module.

I am tempted to make a follow on video for this when it is finally complete which would double up as a solo roleplay howto: but with the way that I do it, which is of course as unique as there are solo roleplayers.

It certainly bears thinking about.

If you would be interested in that, then please consider subscribing to my youtube channel. If it is not too embarrassing, I am not a natural youtuber, it could make some solo role play videos for different rulesets.

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