Fantasy Grounds 5e Progress Report

I have an update on my 5e Solo Adventure module. You can see instantly that it is much more attractive than what you saw yesterday.

The content broadly follows the content of the PDF ‘book’, but with the automated tables and tools built into the page.

Clicking each numbered Chapter opens that chapter and you can read the advice and guidance if you want but here are also links directly to the individual tables.

You then get a choice to have the oracles output directly into the chat window and become part of your journal, or have then add themselves into the story window where you can decide to use them or not.

Each ‘Red Dragon Head’ icon is a link and they will open the right table and from there is it one click to roll on the table and send the result where you want them.

This is what Chapter 3 looks like with its supporting content and you can see the two output options.

The text below those options is going to be edited tomorrow to better reflect this interactive version. Right now that is the text from the the 5e Solo Adventures book. There will be no dice mentioned as that is all done for you.

Moving Forward

Tomorrow I will finish building the main oracles built. Open questions are done, it is just the closed question one to do. Ironically, that is the oracle that I showed you yesterday. I started afresh this morning, but I am building back better with what I know now.

Keeping Up Appearances

There are no inline images in FG stories, in fact, I don’t think you can do them anywhere. The lay out options are very limited. Making the module attractive to use is obviously secondary to pure functionality. I guess that is not a problem as it means that all the modules will look the same. Even the dragon head icon is part of the theme I am using here.

More Updates?

I will continue to work on this tomorrow. It should be fully functional ‘under the hood’ by then. What I want to work on is getting the best possible output. That is the bit that you, the player are going to be using in your games.

If there is no blog update, I will definitely cover this on Wednesday’s video.

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