And the Build is Complete!

Fantasy Grounds 5e Solo Adventures control panel

I am pleased to say that as of today the module is physically finished. All the tables and rules from the PDF are now all present and correct.

What remains now is a final proof reading of the text, just to make sure it all refers to the automated tables and not the dice rolling of the PDF.

What to know more about this Fantasy Grounds Module? Read to the bottom of the page to find out more.

I played it again tonight and it works really well.

I loaded up a Dyson Logos map, used a few stock 5e NPCs and had Kellan (my ever faithful test Character) running around trying to disrupt the evil rituals of a giant snake god.

NPCs and Reactions

For me, the most important single element in solo playing is the NPCs that populate your world.

A bonus side effect of this focus on NPCs is that you can run your entire solo game form the NPC Reactions chapter.

Here I have scrolled down past the supporting text, straight to the links section. What you have are the NPC reactions themselves, for Friendly, Neutral and Hostile NPCs but at the bottom, because I like to add supporting questions and answers are the yes/no and complex question oracles.

I have decided that for me at least, having the oracle answers do directly to Chat is the most satisfying solution. I have included the Story card option because I am fully aware that not everyone works the way I do.

First But Not The Last

While I was making this module a explored a lot of dead-ends, tried many approaches and learned from a lot of mistakes.

I also created two alternative versions of this module. Those others were not a tightly focused on 5e. They could be used with almost any RPG. The drawback is that they would both my technologically much more challenging to build. I have enjoyed making this module. I want to keep on building up my Fantasy Grounds skills. One day, I may even finish these super solo modules!

5e Solo Adventures Module

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  1. Hi there, this is really interesting. Is this available to download or buy? I watched both YouTube videos and am wondering if I’m missing how to get it.



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