BESM Solo or Solo Anime Adventures

In my last post, I said that I was going to revisit a partially finished project for Big Eyes, Small Mouth. I looked at it today and it was virtually complete. I downloaded the Tri-Stat Emporium templates, imported the text and looked at what I had.

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It really wasn’t bad. I absolutely love sourcing art, and that is what I ended up doing. The book is not massive. BESM is a neat little system and I enjoyed playing it. I even found my old game and the truly ridiculous Special-Ops-asurus, the dinosaur DNA injected super soldier villain.

Now, finally, I have some in progress images to show off. I like to think that the more of a preview I give people the better informed they are to decide if they want to try solo play (please do!) or if you are a solo player, whether I can tempt you away from something generic like Mythic.

There is nothing wrong with Mythic, don’t get me wrong. I do what I do because I think that system specific solo rules are just that tiny bit more immersive and keep you in the game, in character, and they make the solo session progress faster.

I am hoping to get this book published tomorrow, or this coming week at the latest.

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