BESM Back Burner Project

Big Eyes Small Mouth (Solo Rules under construction)

I am pleased to say that the manuscript for Mothership Solo is with Sean McCoy for approval. As soon as that is through I will start layout and get the book listed on DriveThruRPG.

In the meantime I have revived a back burner project and that is solo rules for Big Eyes Small Mouth.

The core system is a wonderfully simple d6 system that reminds me of both 3Deep and Hero System.

3Deep is faster to get up to speed and get playing and Hero System is vastly more complex, BESM hits the a spot part way between the two.

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Looking at my half finished rules for BESM Solo, the book was nearly finished but at the time there was no Open Game License or Community Content Programme. That has now changed with the Tri-Stat Emporium.

It would never do for me to be idle and a bit of Anime gaming will be an interesting change from the dark horror of Mothership and the crunchy rules of GURPS.

Talking of which…

My GURPs rules (SURPS) can only be bought using the following discount code. It seems that although I didn’t use any of SJGames copyright material or intellectual property, they threw their toys out the pram anyway. It was a pity as although I know I have been entirely above board and legal, there is no way I could afford to fight them through the courts. As it is, I cannot advertise the book of any OBS site.

I have rebranded the book and moved it from the GURPS category to a generic xd6 category. I am waiting to hear from my review.

Castles & Crusades Solo Rules

The Crusaders Solo Handbook was released in May but I extended the Discount Code period to the end of June because it was a bit close to the end of May. You can still get the blog reader discount of 40% using the linked discount.

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