Solo Anime Adventures… Is live!

I blogged yesterday about how surprised I was that these rules were more complete than I had expected. I make these booklets 90% for myself, occasionally I get asked for a particular game, but mostly they come from my own games collection.

Solo Anime Adventures is live on DriveThruRPG. See below for how to get up to 40% off on all future releaseses.

I am a firm believer in No Game Should Go Unplayed. That is often harder said than done and finding people to play some of the more obscure or unusual games is frequently harder. Anime is certainly less mainstream than say Castles & Crusades or Symbaroum in the Fantasy genre or Stars Without Number or Ashen Stars in Science Fiction.

BESM is a great little system. It reminds me of Champions, a lot. I used to enjoy building powers and refining them with advantages and limitations to make just how you imagined them to be.

Creating characters from Templates is rather GURPS-like, but the two systems [GURPS and Champions] are closely related.

What BESM does better is with its simpler, more focused genre, it can offer many templates across many typical character roles. This makes it really easy to snap together a detailed NPC in next to no time. Scaling back the character’s stats, less of them and smaller numbers, makes the game just feel more accessible and ‘pick up and play’.

If for any reason you cannot find players for BESM, like I couldn’t, I highly recommend playing it solo. The game will thank you for it.

Where Next?

I don’t know when Mothership Solo will be ready. I know Sean McCoy is busy and that is fine. The manuscript is written whether it comes out next week or next month makes no difference to me. I have it, I can play the game whenever that dark mood appeals to me.

I rather fancy doing something even more simple than BESM. Both Knave and Maze Rats are extremely small games. Little more than a page or two of rules plus lots of random tables. There is an adventure for Maze Rats by the author of the game and that also runs to just a single page. The games are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License which means there is nothing stopping me legally. Ben Milton has done everything he possibly could to encourage people to create for Knave. I cannot help but feel it would be petty not to take him up on the offer.

Next week, I hope to bring you either Knave or Maze Rats Solo or Knave AND Maze Rats Solo rules. It all depends on real life and its capacity of getting in the way of making game stuff.

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