Symbaroum Solo Update

I just want to give an update on Symbaroum Solo.

As of about 5 pm today the rules are written, the text is laid out and art is in place. On Thursday the text will be proofread and any final adjustments will be made.

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The art in this booklet is by an artist called Yuri, that comes from Baden-Württemberg in Germany. I think his dark forest and fantasy art captures the feel of Dakovar and the world of Symbaroum really well.

This afternoon I was writing the general solo role-playing advice for Symbaroum. This is the part that is the most enjoyable. It isn’t about dice rolls and tables. It is more about ‘this is what this game exceptional and this is how you use it to make your adventures that bit more rich.’

It is a hugely satisfying part of the development process and it is part of what makes buying game-specific solo tools more valuable than just trying to use Mythic GME or CRGE with everything. Those rules just don’t really understand what makes the world tick.

Symbaroum Solo Support

With all of my solo rules, I continue to support and revise them. The more I play, the more I learn, and the more I improve the rule booklet.

You can see this on almost all of the solo rules listings on DTRPG. Scroll down to the discussion section. I love getting feedback from players and I am keen to make the rules as good as they can possibly get.


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