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Ever since I ran a Twitter Poll asking about what to work on next, Symbaroum is the one that people seemed the most excited about.

It is not a quick process to create a set of sympathetic solo rules. You need to read the game, create lots of characters to get a feel for what you would want in a solo game. Then you need to play it. Mix in a lot of watching Actual Play videos to see how other people play the game, and what they would want from it.

Then there is the writing of the rules, more play testing and finally layout, art selection and finally exporting the PDF, uploading to DriveThruRPG and waiting for approval.

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Every step takes time. I am not the fastest reader in the world and RPG books tend to run to hundreds of pages.

What you are seeing here is the book in that near completion, Art Selection stage. In other words, they are nearly ready!

What I have tried to do is capture the look and feel of the core rules. Symbaroum is a gorgeous looking rulebook and I would go so far as to say it pushes the limit with its setting invoking artwork.

Trying to recapture that attention to detail in an indie ruleset is not an easy thing, but it is something the rules deserve. Anything less and it would not fit in seemlessly with Symbaroum.

The funny thing is that you art and design element is not what you play, that is down to the words on the page and few tables that are ubiquitous in RPGs.

I found Symbaroum to be wonderfully fast to play at the table and as a player it was instantly engaging. In running the game I felt more like a puppet master leading the characters into ever greater danger, the hands off the dice play style is quite liberating.

You are not going to find a lot of tables in these rules. Two to be precise. The first is exceptionally simple and I expect most people not to have to refer to it most of the time.

The second is a bigger look up table and that is the page you will have open when you are playing the game. The same table tells you what someone wants, what drives them as well as their Shadow, which can reveal so much about what is real.

Well, that is as much as I can share tonight, but I hope to have more for you tomorrow!


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  1. I only have the core rule book. There’s the Advanced Player’s Guide, Monster Codex & Game Master’s Guide out there now. Are any of these other three books pretty essential to have for a soloist?


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