Announcing: Navigator RPG!

Navigator is out of playtest and Live on DriveThruRPG.

If you have not been following the playtest, and lets face it most people won’t have been, Navigator RPG is a single volume D100 scifi game of high adventure.

The origins of the game come from two ‘parents’.

White Star, Barrel Rider Games. This is an OSR game cast in the style of some of the classic tropes from science fiction cinema. Everything you can imagine from classic cinema is here in an OGL, OSR game.

Space Master, Iron Crown Enterprises. This is ICE’s scifi offering, that has been rather left to languish, unloved for a couple of decades. It took the 1980s ground breaking Rolemaster and cast it into space. Unfortunately it left it there.

Rolemaster is often unfairly bashed as Rulesmaster, for the number of books of optional rules that were published, and Chartmaster for its reliance on mammoth charts, for everything.

Navigator RPG plots a course around the failings in the original versions of both games. Taking the best that both have to offer and dropping that which was unnecessary.

One of the iconic elements of Rolemaster combat was the critical tables. The principle was simple. The better your roll “to hit” the more damage the attack should do. It rejected the idea of rolling a Natural 20 and then rolling a 1 for damage.

Rolemaster introduced critical tables, one for each major type of wound, slashing for swords, piercing for pointy weapons and crushing wounds for bludgeoning, and so on. The wounds were then rolled on the right table and the text gave a description, location and effects. It made for very narrative combats and there was always a chance for an extremely lucky instant kill result.

Navigator RPG keeps that icons narrative rich combat system, slims it down and couples it up with a single volume, complete game in a 144 page hard or softcover premium quality book.

But Navigator RPG is more than that. Each chapter as everything needed to play, and a set of GM tools for making either more or modifying what I have provided. More alien species, more cultures, more professions. The same holds true for just about everything in the game.

Anything that works for Swords & Wizardry can be easily converted to Navigator RPG using the provided conversion rules.

But there is more…

Navigator RPG also comes with the HASP solo system. HASP stands for High Adventure Solo Play and I originally wrote it for HARP and Rolemaster. I have incorporated those rules into Navigator RPG as an integral component.

You can by Navigator RPG today on DriveThruRPG


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