Diary of an Indie Game Developer Part 1

So yesterday I said I was going to start a YouTube channel. Well, here is the first video. It was highly embarrassing to make and the whole process was awkward and unnatural.

I am going to proceed under the self delusion that it will get more natural over time.

Depending on Amazon deliveries, I should have a better camera, sound and lighting by this time next week. I am also going to do something about that background. I had never realised how institutional the wall behind my desk looks!

I also have that “It shows that I haven’t been to the barbers since before lockdown’ hair.

Looking at the positives, I said I would start the channel, and I have done it. I have gotten over the video equivalent of the blank page. Everything I do from now on should be slightly better quality than the video that went before.

May I ask anyone reading this to become a subscriber? What I would like the most is subscribers, comments and suggestions so I can continue to improve what I am offering. You can find DoaIGD (Diary of an Indie Game Developer) here.

Thank you!

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