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The Diary of an Indie Game Developer Channel.

Do you know that thing where you know you should do something but it is too easy to never get around to it? Well, I have that feeling around youtube. I blog because I want to communicate with people. I am passionate about what solo play can bring to our hobby. Too many people simply dismiss it, others have never tried it and still more simply don’t know where to start.

My solution to continuing procrastination is to tell everyone that I am going to do it. In that way, I have made a firm public commitment. This is one of those announcements. I have created, and as yet empty, youtube channel. It is called Diary of an Indie Game Developer. It is going to be me sharing what I have learned, the mistakes I have made and the little successes I have achieved in being an independent role-playing game developer.

One of the vagaries of the industry is what exactly is an indie game developer. For me this means a one person operation. When I work I am the writer, editor, layout person, art director and the big one, marketing guy.

I cannot draw and I am not a digital artist, but that does not stop me creating my own art assets, although it probably should.

I can now add video to the list of jobs that I have to carry out.

The style I am looking for is going to be very much video blogging. I will talk about issues I am having at the time, as well as things I have overcome, or defeated me in the past.

My next task is to try and gather all the resources together that I think I will need to create these videos. I have a video editor, Open Shot, but no idea how to use it. This is all part of the fun of being indie. If you want to do something, you have to learn to do it yourself.

Software will only get you so far, so this evening I am reading up on script writing, video editing, and channel presentation. I am sure there are countless other skills I will need to learn before this is through.

So what do I get out of this?

I get to talk to a lot of other game developers, both independents like me, but also established industry leaders. The general consensus is that video is one of the most important media in games. Role-playing games are very visual. It is the art that gets us excited about rulebooks, for example. If my writing reaches some people, I hope that video will help me reach more.

If you have ever dreamed of writing your own role playing game, or you have written it. If you want to get in to self publishing, you are welcome to share in my experiences and learn from my mistakes.

The one thing I really need to get this started is a few subscribers. If you use youtube, please consider subscribing to the channel. Diary of an Indie Game Developer

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