IndieGoGo Devil’s Staircase

Devil’s Staircase Wild West [DS:Wild West] is now live on Indiegogo. This is my first attempt at crowdfunding and as such, I am really keen to make the campaign a success.

It is painfully apparent that writing the game is by far the easiest part. I quite enjoyed the page layout process but the crowdfunding is surprisingly stressful!

I am only asking for a relatively small amount, £500, and only that much because that is the minimum funding target that IndieGoGo allow. The actual cost of developing the game was met from the earnings on other books. The crowdfunding is all about recouping those costs.

The positive side is that the game will be published with or without the crowdfunding, nothing is going to break if the goal isn’t met. The few backers we have are guaranteed to get their books. One cannot look at game design as an all or nothing deal. DS:Wild West will be around for years to come and will continue to earn money over its lifetime.

It is quite fitting to do this crowdfunding approaching Halloween. Trying to raise awareness of crowdfunding and getting the message without it sounding like you are begging for money is a bit of a nightmare!

If you want to get your hands of DS:Wild West, at a discount, then please support the indiegogo campaign.

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