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New Release

Navigator RPG is a new fusion of two ideas. The first is OGL D&D in space. Or more accurately Swords & Wizardry OGL D&D in space. This of course has already been done and full credit to Barrel Rider Games and their wonderful White Star White Box game.

You cannot have a fusion with some other elements. I have been a long time fan of Rolemaster and particularly the original Space Master. This is a long neglected game and the whole Rolemaster thing has moved away in a very different direction from that original game.

Navigator RPG has taken the OGL White Star and done what the original Iron Crown Enterprises Inc. did to AD&D and turn it into a d100 game of skills and critical driven combat.

Over the decades, and the original Space Master is 40 years old, there have been a few good innovations in Rolemaster. These I have tried to apply to this fusion game.

I enjoy simple role playing systems and being able to adjudicate situations to move the story forward. Others like to have rules so they can plan effectively and not have a GM pull the rug from under them. To accommodate this spectrum Navigator RPG is as much about being a simple Science Fiction RPG as it is about providing a structure and framework from which anything can be developed.

The Open Gaming License actively encourages this fan based extension, variation and remixing of the content. Take the game and do what you want with it.

The current release is the playtest version.

Free Forever.

The PDF version of Navigator RPG will always be a free (Pay What You Want) download. Take it and play it, hack it, do what you want. There will also be print on demand books. These cannot be free because of the expense of printing and delivery.

Everybody who downloads the playtest will get the final full colour PDF game, for free.

You can check out the playtest documents on DriveThruRPG.

Below are a few screenshots of the current playtest document.

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