GURPS Solo anyone?

GUPRS Solo is going to be based upon TL7/TL8

I am about to start new cycle of rules writing. I tend to go in bursts of creativity. The last burst lead to Crusaders Solo Handbook (Castles & Crusades), Symbaroum Solo (Symbaroum) and Dogs Guide To Solo Play (Pugmire). Those three are now written and either published, about to be published or in the case of C&C, waiting for the 3rd Party Publisher’s Guidelines so I know they are all above board and legal. Coming up is GURPS Solo

I am now starting a new cycle. The first up is inspired by Logan True (@ltrue7 on Twitter). Logan asked suggested GURPS. I have done my research and PDF play aids are perfectly legal. I don’t copy from rulebooks, so I am not taking any of Steve Jackson’s intellectual property. What I do is use the same dice mechanics, 3d6 ‘roll under’ in this case, as the core mechanic and add embellishments to make a nice solo roleplay experience.

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These rules are going to lean towards the digital age, TL7 & TL8, as that is what Logan asked for. My preferred style is also Cinematic and I see from my reading that Cinematic campaigns and Cinematic play are an actual ‘thing’ in GURPS 4th Edition.

The thing with solo rules is that they are really setting neutral. The marry up to a set of rules, rather than marrying up to a specific setting. All through this book the examples will related directly to the TL7/TL8 sourcebook, but the rules should work with GURPS in any setting.

I am also going to assume 150 point characters with maybe 70pts in disadvantages. This is open to change when I start the playtestings. Why this is important is that I will be creating NPCs, from bystanders to big bosses on the fly. The more complex the character template the slower the game will go. I am a fan of fast and light solo games.

New to GURPS

This is the first time I have learned an completely new system, just to create solo rules for it in a very long time. The last time was for HOPE, and that was a new game and I thought that solo rules would help with the play testings. When you are creating something completely new getting testers is really hard. It was my way of helping out a friend.

This time is different. I have to learn the rules, learn how to make a character, and then try and run an adventure while making notes on how I could solo it. This is going to be a really interesting challenge!

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For me, the most exciting part is that I have never played GURPS. It came out just as my groups had discovered Rolemaster and we were deep into Middle Earth Role Playing. That was a campaign that lasted something like 18 years!

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