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Symbaroum Solo Cover

My rules are written, uploaded and live on DrivethruRPG. Symbaroum Solo is a rules light interpretation, coming in at just 15 pages.

Part of the joy of working with the system was the rules light nature of the game from the ground up. I am quite a fan of games that don’t have the GM rolling dice. When you are running games like that the GM becomes more of a director of action rather than an equal player. Or that is how it feels to me.

That one step removed, makes it easier to implement a solo engine that is also not and equal player. I find one of the weaknesses of many solo games is when combat breaks out and you are rolling dice for both sides of the fight. This is where Symbaroum wins, there is no other side to roll for, it is all on the character to attack and evade.

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If you buy into Symbaroum Solo, I hope you have some great adventures, I know I did, trying to infiltrate an Autumn Elf temple.

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