#RPGaDAY Day 9 Favorite Dice

I am torn on this question. I think the humble d6 is the king of all dice. There must b more games that run of the d6 than anything else, despite the profile of the d20.

But, I am not keen on any physical dice. I do own a set of polyhedral dice, just the one set. I also own 24 FUDGE dice, as I have to provide them for everyone when we play Ghost Ops.

That is my entire collection of dice.

When I play for myself, and when I am GMing, I use a dice roller app on my phone. My preference is for Dice 3d by 7pixels where I have paid for the upgraded version. I used the free version on Android and Windows for years, but there was some weird dice I needed for a game that only the paid version had, and it cost less than $2, so I paid up.

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1 thought on “#RPGaDAY Day 9 Favorite Dice”

  1. I have a long-standing love affair with the number 12, so I think the d12 is the perfect die. I mean, it certainly rolls perfectly. It can be used in place of a d6 or d4 (and I actually own several 12-sided “double d6” and “triple d4” dice). Some day I’m going to make my own system that uses d12 for the base mechanic. I know there are a handful already, but they aren’t “perfect” yet.


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