#RPGaDAY2023 Day 4 Most Recent RPG Bought

Spark is a game about challenging beliefs, both your own and that of the other players, and the setting. Beliefs are literally everything! Solo playing this was very difficult. The first thing that I had to do was abandon just about everything I knew about oracles.

I think the only random table in my solo booklet for the game was a muse to create beliefs for NPCs and the Setting.

What I really goit out of it was that it was my first outing using Obsidian.app as my note-taking tool. That made the entire thing worth while.

Would I choose to play Spark again? My group most certainly would not play it. There was not enough (any) tactical combat and hack and slash. I am not sure I would play the game, but I did enjoy making the settings. That was almost a mini-game in its own right. I can certainly see myself using its setting procedure again, and maybe adopting it as my go-to setting tool.

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