#RPGaDAY2023 Day 3 First RPG Bought (This Year)

This year’s RPGaDAY is not going so wall. I am on day 3 and I am already 5 days behind!

I had to dig into my DTRPG order list to find out what I bought first this year and it turned out to be the Bookmark No HP RPG by Lester Smith.

This game is quite literally a print-at-home bookmark with the rules covering both sides. The download has both colour and b/w versions.

There is a bundle available with all kinds of themed versions, Cthulhu, Supers, Cyberpunk etc.

This is the kind of thing I take on vacation with me, and use with a dice roller app while on the boat or train.

You can find the core game here:


I bought a bundle that is no longer available, but there is a player’s handbook that you may want:


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