Designer Diary: Pathfinder Adventure Project Update

I have been a little time starved recently. We are gearing up to move not only home but the farm as well. Hopefully, signing the contracts on the 30th of this month and move sometime after that. If the seller cannot sign the contracts on the 30th, we will have to wait another month as our legal representative is on annual vacation until late April. Once we own the place, it should still take us about 2 months to move. There will be a lot of preparing fields and moving fences before we can move animals.

I have been trying to get a bit ahead of schedule because I know I will have even less time once the real work begins. I can put up about 30m of fence a day, and all told, I need about 5km of fencing. I don’t know how much of that can use existing fencing and how much existing fencing needs replacing. Fortunately, I don’t have to do it all before we move.

So, trying to get ahead means that side projects have had to take a backseat.

My production goal for these pathfinder adventures is pretty dependent on my creating about one a week. Only that way will I become familiar enough with the game play/rules/formating to get the speed of production that I want. One a week is twice as fast as I would intend to release them, so I would always be extending my stockpile.

Despite not getting as much done as I wanted, I have now got two adventures in the done pile. I have also started looking over successful PF2e adventures looking for best practices or good practices, and I can see how I can tweak my formatting. I like the Rogue Genius short stat blocks and their Act structure. I will be adopting those. I like my current ‘all the stat blocks at the end’ approach as that gives a handful of pages to print if you want all the monsters on paper. But short stat blocks in the body of the document is how I did my Dungeon World adventures so I am onboard with that approach.

So, this project is progressing slowly, but it is progressing.

The two highlighted points in this article on the Amazon A10 algorithm are the two points that the two weekly release schedule is intended to hit. It is a regular growth in inventory and increasing organic sales.

If you look at the other points in the list, many of them are simply out of our control.

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