Pathfinder Update

So, it is now Sunday afternoon.

Since Thursday’s video, I had a bit more of a think, and I could not see why not to do a series of Pathfinder adventures. The question is, could I do it?

Starting on Friday afternoon, I have now spent about 17hrs, but not nose-to-the-grind wheel kinds of hours, I did find time to watch Scotland v Wales in the Six Nations.

So far, the adventure is 28 pages, including the credits and OGL, which is in minuscule text at the back. I have used maps for the inn where the characters meet with their patron, street maps for the part of the city the adventure takes place in, and maps of a gang clubhouse where the main action takes place. The street map is by Wataboi, and the others are all Dyson Logos.

I have modified a Fat Goblin Games Pathfinder page template to fit my needs.

I have used 8 pieces of art, excluding the maps. I had most of the art already, but I did spend a further $4.97 on art because I didn’t have exactly what I wanted for a couple of images.

The adventure is about 4.1k words excluding licenses and front matter.

What is left to do? Three things, firstly, this adventure has not been playtested. That is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Secondly, although I have laid out the PDF, I haven’t made the cover. I have selected the art, I have the official logos, and the title, but I haven’t put the parts together to actually make the cover.

Finally, after the adventure has been playtested I will almost certainly need to make some edits and adjustments.

I spent more time creating random tables for this adventure than I had originally planned for. I wanted to use town criers to recruit the characters, but couldn’t decide what the town crier looked like. I have a habit of forgetting about non-human ancestries. So, I made a random table of town criers, either to use as random encounters if the characters don’t take the bait the first time or for the GM to roll for who the town crier is.

I debated a little bit with myself whether to go Pathfinder Infinite and use Galorian as the setting or go setting neutral and publish everywhere. PI will sell more in the short term and could help establish my brand as a provider of adventures. On the other hand, the goal of this project is to work towards fortnightly Amazon releases, and potential future Kickstarted adventures, and maybe a dedicated PF adventure Patreon. Why limit myself? For that to happen, and selling across all storefronts, it has to be setting neutral.

That lead to me creating the city of Belford. I think I will use this same city and locations within the city and close by for all my adventures.

Did I hit any snags? Nothing major so far. I have exported my PDF and need to take a break away from it before looking it over again. I have already spotted three flaws that need fixing. Right now, I am slightly over time budget, and the ideal would have been only to use existing art. So I have overshot my budget for time and money. But a few hours and $5 is next to nothing. I probably have a day more work to finish this. That would be nearly 24hrs or three working days. I am sure I can get this down to sub 16hrs just by being more familiar with the Pathfinder SRD, using the same template, and only having to embellish the setting of Belford rather than come up with the place from scratch.

All in all, I would say this is a success. I will get it finished this coming week, and that will be the first title on my stockpile. The next test will be, can I do it again, better and faster?

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