Deal of the Day – Scarier Horror Play

I have today’s DotD, and it is one of my little white books!


This book is aimed at any kind of GM, solo or group, but only focuses on running horror games and trying to get the best from the genre.

I always found horror to be one of the hardest genres to run. The question is, are you trying to scare the player or the character? The former is extremely hard, an almost unobtainable goal. The latter is extremely easy, but can feel hollow or shallow.

The goal of this book is to try and get closer to the former.

The book is structured into a collection of very short essays, or articles. It is not a very long read, an hour or so if you are a fast reader. I intended it to be the kind of book you would re-read when prepping a horror game or game session and try and implement some of its ideas while they are fresh in your mind.

During this sale, the book is reduced to just $2!

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