Designer Diary: Fake Bundles

I am trying to work out why you would want to do this.

I often watch the top 20 titles on DTRPG. I am looking at them for ‘best practice’. What can I emulate to make what I do better. I don’t mean the products, but make better product pages, giving potential customers more information, helping them make better choices and buying the right things for them. Happy customers do not leave 1* reviews, because they knew what they were going to get and were happy to buy what I am offering.

So, the hottest product on DTRPG is a fake bundle. The advantages for Green Ronin are probably that they don’t care about the rankings and metal ratings for old versions of M&M. Maybe they are thinking that if you buy the old versions, you may be tempted to upgrade to the new version. That seems dubious, if I had spent $30 on a game I am unlikely to spend more replacing it straight away. It could simply be a cash grab. The bundle has sold at least 501 copies at $29.99. Even after DTRPG’s cut, that is still between $10,000 and $20,000 cash injection.

Regular bundles discount the price for everything that you already own. I think DTRPG called this complete your collection, you only pay for the things that you don’t already own, and at the discounted price. The fake bundles don’t do this.

I have the art bundle that I feature in the video, and I have very nearly bought the same piece of art twice because it is in a fake bundle and as a standalone title.

I simply cannot see the advantage to the customer from this strategy. Am I missing something?

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