Designer Diary: Unholy Plague Campaign Launched

So my first Kickstarter is live. It went live on Tuesday because various blog posts suggested that Tuesday was the optimal day for launching a campaign.

My goal is set to $99, the adventure actually cost about sub-$40 to write if you exclude my time to write it, lay it out, and all the myriad of other things that just take time.

The artist that created the cover for Unholy Plague is open for commissions and full page colour art like that comes in at about $150. The benefits I am hoping to gain from this KS is to build up my KS following, and at the same time add to my Discord and mailing list. I can reinvest the earnings from this one to buy the art for the second one. The hope is that having a bigger following the second time around will build on this one and reach a higher total.

I may well have to cycle through this many times to get the kind of results that will make running KS campaigns really work for me.

You can check out the campaign here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/partspermillion/unholy-plague?ref=11gvwr Please feel free to share that link around 🙂

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