Last week I was asked for a set of quick, rule light solo tools for The One Ring. If you look in the Patreon folder you will find a sub-folder called TOR, and in there you will find 2 documents. The PDF of A D12 to Rule Them All and the word document.

I have left both there as I think you may want to modify these rules as you play, creating any custom tables that you feel you need. The starter rules I was working from did not focus on character death, so I haven’t taken into account how deadly the game could be.

I also haven’t tried to create any encounter tables. My vision of middle earth was not one with wandering monsters around every corner. You could easily create d6 random encounter tables, or better still d12 tables with something nice [Tom Bombardil or the silvan elves] on an 11 and something nasty on a 12. Anything else is no encounter.

How you made those tables, would change the nature of your game, and I am not going to impose my view on anyone else.

Feel free to dive in and modify these tools to fit.

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