Today’s Goal(s)

I said that August was going to be a month of finishing what I had promised!

Yesterday I got all of the Beyond the Solo Frontier files uploaded and I have ordered the print proofs of the screens. Delivery was quoted as 3-7 weeks. Last time it took 6 weeks 2 days.

These will be released some time in September, if the print proof comes back as expected. This is my first attempt at a screen.

Today, I have exported the John Carter of Mars Portrait screen files in the correct format. I have also created the print at home screen panels for portrait.

I have three more hurdles to jump through. I need the instruction leaflet (easy), the print friendly reference pages (not difficult), and the two landscape print versions (not looking forward to these). I would like to get at least two of these done today, and the entire screen package done by the end of the week.


I have started making my notes for a follow on book to Easier solo play and Scarier Horror Play. This will be the Mysteries book. It will have a more solo focus than the horror book. At least that is the intention. A YouTube subscriber also asked for a sci-fi book in the series. I had not envisioned these turning into a wide ranging series but I am always happy to pick up a baton and run with it. In many ways these are easier to write than a set of solo rules, because it is just drawing on personal experiences. The work comes from the books being eighty or ninety pages long. That is quite a lot of outlining, typing, editing, art selection, and layout.

Running a good mystery adventure is always a challenge for the solo player, who needs to be both GM and player. How do you run a mystery, if you are the one laying the clues?

That is quite enough for one day.

Finally, does anyone have a good name for the John Carter Package? My best offering so far is Barsoom Solo Adventure Screen.

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