This week…

… I am working on a solo book for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells (Old Skull Publishing). I was asked to do these rules in 2020, but they never got around to sending me the game until a little while ago. There was supposed to be a new version, but it looks like just a refresh of what is on sale already.  This is also a reworking of Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, another game I am supposed to be writing for. These didn’t get done in 2020, not only because the publisher didn’t send me the rules, but there is no 3rd party publisher license for them. Dark Streets & Darker Secrets has a 3PP license, so I could legally right for it, and wrote Dark Stalker.

So, finally, I can cross this game off my to-do list.

I am making good progress and hope to have it finished for Monday.

I am also buying Dune and Fallout to get more of the 2d20 screens done.

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