The past week, progress report

It suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t posted anything in a while.

I am going to drop a work in progress file in the patreon folder later today. This is start of the Shadowrun solo rules. It is mostly just a little bit of text and some random tables. The tables part always takes a long time as I am not very good with them.

There was talk last month of the Player Emulator. I am going to build in a version of the Player Emulator into the Shadowrun rules. It is an opportunity to look at it again and use it to control other characters in the game. Or of course you can use it to GM a game for virtual characters not under your control.

I will drop a work in progress version today, and again on Friday so you can see the progress.

The Shadowrun rules cannot be sold, so I cannot put them on DTRPG. But, Abel requested a specific cut up book last week. Cut up books are created almost entirely by Word Macros and as I am typing this, Word is cutting up the text of The Nine Unknown and stripping out rogue bits of punctuation.

The front matter of each cut up book is largely the same from book to book as the principles of cut up do not change. My involvement will be playing the game for an evening, and editing the front of the book to reflect the content. Stick on a cover and everything is set for Monday.

I have also signed up for a three-week series of Patreon workshops on how to run a better patreon. This starts later in November and runs into December. It will be interesting to see what I can apply to here to make it better for your all.

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