Star Trek Adventures GM Screen Samples

I like this idea of building up a folder of very similar oracles. That then opens up the question of format. Individual sheets in a folder? Panels in on a GM Screen? Landscape or Portrait?

This morning I have created some mock-up pages of one panel of the Star Trek Adventures oracles.

In the work in progress, the STA folder are two PDF files. 

The same information is in both PDFs, one is portrait and one is landscape.

The ‘nebula’ graphic border is wide enough to two- or four-hole binder hole punching. You can also simply store them in clear sleeves and not punch holes in them.

I am thinking that you will have one GM screen and interchangeable inserts.

I can also create an 8.5×11 PDF using white page and colored text for easy home printing.

Do you have any preferences?

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