Solo Adventures Barsoom

Very shortly you should see a new zip file in the John Carter work in progress folder. This contains five of the six files for the John Carter of Mars GM screen. The missing file is a two page almost plain text version of all the tables. These are intended for people to just print at home and stick in a ring binder or document sleeve.

This is also the easiest document to create, but I am a little brain frazzled. I have been struggling with a corrupted jpeg image all afternoon. It looked perfect on screen, but it would force an error when exporting to PDF.

I also had no idea which jpeg image it was, so had to spend a lot of time swapping images in and out to find the culprit.

The problem is now solved the main PDFs are exported, along with the instruction leaflet.

Tomorrow I will create the final document, get them uploaded and order the print proofs of both formats.

Then I can tick this one off the August todo list.

Next I am onto Judge Dredd.

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