I have been reading the game rules, and running some test combats to get the rules fixed in my mind. I am assuming that the it is the setting that is outstanding about Shadowrun?

I ask that because I can normally see how a games mechanics have been designed to shape the genre and setting. Things like the Stress rules in Alien, Panic in Mothership, the attack and parry rules in Rolemaster. I cannot find anything like that in the Shadowrun mechanics.

There is a generally accepted concept in game design, that you attempt to minimise the time between the dice roll for the player and the final resolution of their action. Shadowrun does tons of manipulation after the dice hit the table top, making it slow to resolve.

The “take that” mechanic is very popular in board and card games, but less so in RPGs. Take This is when you can disrupt a players turn after then have acted. Shadowrun lets you spend Edge to change a player’s, or NPC’s, roll after the dice have landed. 

I am left with the feeling that although the dice mechanics may be dodgy, the setting must be amazing, so much so that the fans are prepared to forgive and forget the dodgy dice rolling.

I have an idea of how I can streamline the soloing experience. It is just an idea at present, but I still need to read and test out the ideas.

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